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My Interview with William James on the New Atheists

Ok, I begin with a disclaimer. This is not an actual interview in the technical sense. Since William James passed from this world in 1910, many decades before I was even born, it is not possible that I interviewed him. However, here is what really did happen. After spending the last few months pouring over key books by Professor James, it caught up with my unconscious mind and I did indeed dream that I met him and we talked. The following is an imagined conversation based on significant engagement with some of his writings and an unusual dream. 

Robert Woods: This is a most unexpected honor to meet you Dr. James and be able to ask you some questions about some things you have written.
William James: My pleasure. I am glad to discover that some are still reading my writings.
Woods: I think what most impresses me about your education is that you are a philosopher and psychologist, but were trained as a physician which gives you an extraordinary advantage over some who only have more limite…